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Special Needs 


Support Meeting

A photo of a child in a wheel chair with a care taker looking happy



We welcome participation from locations other than the U.S. 

*We ask that you keep the personal information of other participants strictly confidential.

*Although this is an online meeting, we ask that you turn on the video so we can see and talk with you in the meeting room. If you have special circumstances or a physical condition preventing you from turning on the video, please let us know.

*You can join or leave during the event, so please join at your convenience. 

A photo of Yukio Suzuki
A photo of Ryu Okubo




On the second Thursday of each month, we meet to talk with families who may need special needs rehabilitation support.


We are here to share and exchange information with those who have children with special needs, those who have raised children with special needs, and those who are professionals in the field of special needs support. Let's share our feelings and exchange information.


Date/Time: the second Thursday of each month

8 - 9:30 pm (EDT/EST)

7 - 8:30 (CDT/CST)

6 - 7:30 (MDT/MST)

5 - 6:30(PDT/PST)

*The medical advisor will not attend this meeting.

If you are interested in attending but have not yet registered, please click the button below to register.


ぜひ までご連絡ください。

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