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Shinko Soma

Birthplace: Akita Prefecture, Japan

Living in the US since: 2024

Career: Doctor of Medicine. After working as a cardiologist at a city hospital and clinic in Japan, I moved to the United States.

Role at FLATjp: Operation Coordinator

Thoughts at FLATjp:

"In 2023, after my decision to come to the U.S., I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent treatment in Japan. I have been a member of FLATjp since before I came to the U.S., and without FLATjp, I would not have been able to overcome this turning point. I am here because I want to be cool as members in here, and I want to take care of the community I will be living in."

Things I like:

"Hiking, nature watching. However, due to post-operative walking difficulties and UV caution, I'm currently indoors, hooked on programming, which I'm relearning."

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