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Coco Masuda


Birthplace: Tokyo


Living in the US since 1979


Current Occupation: The founder and managing director of CoCollaborations, LLC, owner of CoCollaborations The Store, overseas manager for BUNZABURO, illustrator, painter


Role at FLATjp: Website update and maintenance support. While our company, CoCollaborations, was building the site, I was so impressed with the dedication of the FLATjp people that I decided to continue as a volunteer after the site launch in January 2024.


Hope to FLATjp: Having lived in the U.S. for over 40 years, I am acutely aware of this country's confusing healthcare system. So, I am grateful that this organization was created.

I experienced early detection of cervical cancer in my 30s, and my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in her 40s. I am honored that I can contribute to FLATjp's activities.


Interests: Cooking, Upskilling, Binge-watching shows, Wine


Other: ATA(American Translation Association) member, Nippon Calligraphy 5th degree, Kyokushin Karate 1st degree black belt 



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Instagram - @cocomasuda
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