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Caregiver's Cafe

A photo of a man with a caretaker looking happy



We welcome participation from locations other than the U.S. 

*We ask that you keep the personal information of other participants strictly confidential.

*Although this is an online meeting, we ask that you turn on the video so we can see and talk with you in the meeting room. Please let us know if you have special circumstances or a physical condition preventing you from turning on the video.

*You can join or leave during the event, so please join at your convenience. 

​​・マウントサイナイ医科大学 老年医学・緩和医療科医師
A portrait photo of Yuji Yamada





ぜひ までご連絡ください。


* This program is held in Japanese.


If you are a caregiver for an ill or elderly family member in the U.S., or if you are living in the U.S. while caring for a parent in Japan, why not share your feelings and information with us in Japanese? 

Currently, the Caregiver's Cafe is held on an irregular basis.

If you register using the registration button below, you will be notified about the Cafe and related webinars.

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