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Autoimmune Disease Patients

Support Meeting

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*We ask that you keep the personal information of other participants strictly confidential.

*Although this is an online meeting, we ask that you turn on the video so we can see and talk with you in the meeting room. If you have special circumstances or a physical condition preventing you from turning on the video, please let us know.

*You can join or leave during the event, so please join at your convenience. 


* This program is held in Japanese.

Autoimmune disease patients gather for meetings. There are various types of autoimmune diseases, and symptoms and treatment methods vary from person to person, but we have time to exchange information and encourage each other on how to manage our daily health condition and how to feel better.

*The medical advisor will not attend this meeting.

If you want to participate, please click the below button to register.

We will send an announcement as soon as the details are finalized.

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