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Women's Cancer Patients Cafe



*We ask that you keep the personal information of other participants strictly confidential.

*Although this is an online meeting, we ask that you turn on the video so we can see and talk with you in the meeting room. Please let us know if you have special circumstances or a physical condition preventing you from turning on the video.

*You can join or leave during the event, so please join at your convenience. )

A photo of Dr. Yukio Suzuki
A photo of Dr. Ryo Okubo



* This program is held in Japanese.


On the fourth Tuesday of each month, female cancer patients and survivors gather for a meeting.


Whether you are a woman, who has just been diagnosed with cancer or have already completed treatment, why not join us and chat in Japanese about how you are spending your time these days? 


*A medical advisor will not attend this meeting.


​Date/Time: the fourth Tuesday of each month

1~2:30 pm (EST/EDT)

12 - 1:30 pm (CST/CDT)

11 am - 12:30 pm (MST/MDT)

10 - 11:30 am (PST/PDT)

If you are a gynecological cancer patient, click here →


If you are a patient of other cancer, click here → 


If you are a breast cancer patient, click here → 

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